CyberDefender PC Optimizer
Windows Operating System:
7, XP, Vista

Clean Up and Speed Up Your PC

Sick of pop-ups, crashes, and slow program performance? PC Optimizer can speed up your PC in minutes by removing the junk files and errors that have built up on your computer over time. Plus, the all-new 2012 edition  features an upgraded scanning engine that finds and removes more errors than ever!

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Software Features

PC Speed and Performance

Remove the computer junk that’s slowing down your PC. PC Optimizer finds and removes errors that have built up over time, freeing up processing power and hard drive space to give you a faster, cleaner PC in minutes!

Faster Programs

Stop unnecessary start-up items and processes, reducing lag while using programs and reducing start-up and
shut-down time.

Reduces Errors, Crashes,
and Freezes

These are the often the result of common errors that can be removed or reduced in minutes. PC Optimizer will do a deep repair on your system, putting a stop to annoying errors
and crashes.

New! Improved Scanning Tool

Our new, fully updated scanning engine searches deeper in your PC to find more errors than ever! The more issues we find, the more we can remove!

New! Hard Drive Optimizer

PC Optimizer now features a powerful hard drive performance tool that removes duplicate files and errors, giving you more storage space and a more stable hard drive.

Internet Clutter

Performs a sweep of internet clutter and private Internet history, protecting your web habits from advertisers and making your browser faster and safer.