CyberDefender Online Backup
Windows Operating System:
7, XP, Vista

Online Backup

Backing up your files on an external hard drive or DVD is a smart move, but still leaves your data vulnerable to theft, loss, or damage. Make sure you have total protection with CyberDefender Online Backup, a software service that backs up your important files in a safe, secure online vault. Plus, you can easily access your files on any other PC with an internet connection, wherever you are!

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5 Causes of
Lost Files:


  • Drive Crashes
  • Loss & Theft
  • Drive Damage
  • Viruses & Malware
  • Accidental Deletion


Top 5 Folders
to Back Up


  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Contacts
  • Email

Service Features

Easy Backups

CyberDefender Online Backup comes preloaded with essential backups for photos, music, documents, and more. You just need to run the software and your automated backup will begin
as scheduled.

Secure Online Vault

All of the files you back up are protected in a secure, online vault that only you can access. In fact, it's protected by the same encryption methods used by the U.S. military, ensuring your files are kept safe and private.

Custom Backups

Adding more files to your backup is easy! The dashboard in your Online Backup software allows you to choose more files to back up, manage the files stored in your online vault, and even schedule your backups!

Online Portal & Remote Access

On the road, or at a family member's house and want to access music, photos, or important documents? Simply log in to your online portal, find the file you want, and download it.

Sharing Files

Want to share a file or folder with a friend or colleague in another city or state? Use the share option to easily create a link that can be sent via email or IM, allowing you share files instantly and even password protect them.