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Ever wish you had a tech support department at home? LiveTech Remote PC Support is just that: whenever you’re having an issue with a slow PC, internet connection, software, printer, or other accessory, your dedicated agent is there to help—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As soon as you report an issue, a trained specialist will be assigned to fix your PC remotely, without you ever having to leave the house.

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Service Benefits

PC Speed & Performance

We'll speed up your slow PC. A tech will remove junk files, optimize your settings, repair hard drive issues, and address many of the other problems that can cause your PC to slow down
over time.

Free PC Tuneup

We want to make sure your PC is running its best. That's why we start your subscription with a free PC tuneup to make sure your hardware, software, and security are optimized for your needs.

Viruses, Spyware, and Security

Unsafe browsing and downloading can expose you to online threats that can slow down your PC, compromise your identity, or worse! We'll perform an in-depth scan and remove infected files, set up safe browsing, and make sure your PC is safe from online attacks.

Blue Screens & Crashes

If you're experiencing freezes, unwanted restarts, blank or blue screens, or persistent error messages, you may have hard drive issues, viruses, or other serious PC problems. We'll help reduce crashes and errors by doing an in-depth analysis
and repair.

Slow Software & Applications

Experiencing errors, crashes, or slow performance when using email or websites? We'll find and repair your unique issues to make sure your programs are
running smoothly.

Accessories & Peripherals

We'll help you solve problems with printers, mice, wireless modems and routers, bluetooth devices, monitors, mp3 players, and more!

Installation & Removal

Keep your PC running its best by removing unwanted software and add-ons from running in the background, or in your system tray. We'll uninstall bloatware, trial software, or difficult-to-
remove programs.

Operating Systems

Need support for Windows 7, XP, Vista or OSX? Whether you've just upgraded or need to reinstall, we have specialists in both PC and Mac ready to assist you.