CyberDefender Early Detection Center 3.0
Windows Operating System:
7, XP, Vista

Early Detection Center 3.0

How long’s it been since you scanned your PC? If the answer is “a while”, you’ve likely exposed yourself to unsafe websites or e-mails that can infect your PC with Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and more. Ready to clean it up? Download CyberDefender Early Detection Center today for complete protection against online attacks, as well as removal of existing malware infections on your PC.

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Software Benefits

Eliminate Viruses & Spyware

Find and remove infected and corrupt files in minutes, improving your computer speed and protecting your documents, pictures, and identity from attack.

Powerful Scanning Engine

Our updated threat finder identifies more infections than ever! Plus, it’s constantly updated with the latest threats to keep your PC protected as long as you run the software.

Simplified Software

CyberDefender Early Detection Center is easier to use than ever! The simple, easy-to-follow layout is easy to navigate and makes security threat removal a snap.

Cookie Monitor

Detects what cookies are capturing personal information on the PC and allows the user to remove them.

Safe Browsing Tools

Did you know that web search results can contain viruses? Prevent future infections with optional alerts for unsafe sites and search engines.